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Bázzari is energy, it is multiculturalism, it is smiles, it is sophistication, it is passion, it is flying.


This collection gives us a modern and positive vision of distinction. In the author's own words, "Bázzari is fun elegance." His designs are woven verses and sung flights.


The collection is an explosion of color and its fabrics are a reflection of it, its vibrant colors always lead us to ask ourselves the same question: are we in a dream or in reality?

ary rowshan

Ary is the designer and promoter of Bázzari. Her passion for fashion and design led her to build her own fashion line for 10 years.


Regarding its influences, Ary draws on the Persian tradition from which it comes to give it a renewed air, a reconstruction of the Persian coupled with European modernity. This complex design task is carried out with exquisiteness, showing off her taste, her artistic experience and her extensive experience in the world of fashion.


To this day, Ary continues to break the mold and that is precisely the spirit of his new Bázzari collection.


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